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We love real estate. Finding homes, researching market stats, negotiating contracts, and helping our clients find a home that meets their expectations is what we do and we are passionate about it! Whether you are buying or selling, or just want some information before you even start that process, you have come to the right place! We can help!

Our state-of-the art website is just one of the many tools that we use to help you through your real estate decisions. We also have in-depth experience and know our community, providing you with the best real estate transaction possible. As expert negotiators, we are on your side, and will help direct you through every concern or challenge you may encounter. We believe in establishing relationships with our clients and want you to be able to count on us, no matter the issue.

But you don’t have to believe us… Simply look at our NUMBERS!


Our Associates

Ozstar De Jourday

Ozstar De Jourday
Direct: (619) 248-7827

Aloha La Jolla! Specializing in Residential Income Properties, Vacation Rental Homes and Ocean Front Residences. Living in La Jolla, Ca. since 1967, selling Real Estate in La Jolla since 1977. In 1977, my father Ruben taught me the divide and conquer principal in Real Estate when we bought our first home. Buy two for the price of one and then collect rent, wait a few years and sell one of the two for what you paid for the whole investment. This system is still working today and has worked very well for many of my clients.

Robin De Jourday

Robin De Jourday
Direct: (858) 583-3011

Coming to you with over 18 years of years of Selling, Buying, Renting-unfurnished, and luxury furnished rentals, I am here to share my perspicacity organically. Partnering in 2014 in La Jolla, California, with my husband, the legendary Ozstar De Jourday, who has been selling, buying, and renting real estate in La Jolla, CA, since 1977, our blended career can accurately guide you through your real estate goals with returns beyond your expectations.

Success Stories

NOBODY loves La Jolla more than Mr. De Jourday. His team wants to share the dream and have each client love La Jolla. This means they will help you find your best scenario for a home in La Jolla. SO MUCH ALOHA!

Hank W